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People have sought out relationships with horses since the

beginning of time. We make that happen! 

Frequently Asked

Be sure to be honest about your experience level as both

the horses and the guides will notice what you are and are not

capable of doing and we do not want to disappoint you by

refusing a trek for safety concerns.

Do you supply PPE gear?

Yes we will provide a helmet and High Vis for you to wear while attending our facility. 

We cannot let you take helmets and High Vis off for photos sorry as we would be breaking Health and Safety Policies and jeopardising your safety, our business and licences.

What to wear?

We suggest long pants/ leggings, t -shirt or shirt, a jumper or jacket in colder and wetter months, sunscreen for summer months, CLOSED TOE SHOES is a must. 

Please note we do not have shoes or clothes for you to wear so please ensure you and your party are dressed appropriately as if we can’t let you ride due to unsafe clothing/shoes we cannot offer to refund or reschedule you.

Can we ride with two people on a horse?

No, this is not a safe way to ride our horses nor does our equipment allow for "doubling on horseback". It's also not very comfortable for our horses and would exceed our weight limit in most cases. 

Can my child ride with me on the same horse?

No, this is not a safe way to ride our horses nor does our equipment allow for "doubling on horseback". Each person will be allocated their own horse. 

Can my baby ride with a or be strapped to me during the ride?

No, this is not a safe way to ride our horses nor does our equipment allow for "doubling on horseback". We also have an age limit of 5 years old. 

How much is it?

We have a range of treks and horse riding activities available, check out the website experiences for further information and costs.

What if I decide to back out of riding?

We want you to feel safe and confident and our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you along the way to ensure you are safe, however horse riding isn't for everyone and if you feel you cannot go ahead we will respect your wishes. However we cannot offer to refund you as per our cancellation notice time, we cannot resell your seat nor be left out of pocket when we have already spent the time reserving your horse and preparing it for your ride.

Do you have a weight limit?

Yes our weight limit is 95kg, If you are over this even by 1kg please call us to discuss we can possibly facilitate you at the time. 

Please be honest about weights, we do have scales onsite and often check weights of all clients so we can be assured we allocate the correct horse. 

If a customer arrives to our facility and they are over our weight limit and we have not made a prior arrangement with them we may not be able to allow youhen to ride, no refund or reschedule can be given in this case as we were not notified and haven’t been able to to agree and facilitate. 

We understand that this conversation can be a sensitive one and difficult. We are here to support you and your group and so please call us to discuss privately if you have any questions or concerns. We will do our best to make things work as long as it's possible and safe. 

Like people, horses also have limits, we really care about our horses and do our best to make sure we do not overwork them or exceed their limits. 

Vet studies state that a working horse in heavy work should only take up to 15% of their body weight and this should include the gear like saddles etc so if we work on this calculation a 600kg horse can take 90kg weight total including gear.

Can my 3 year old child ride a horse?

No sorry we have an age limit of 5 years old.

What if I am late for the check in time for my trial?

No Sorry we cannot offer to refund or reschedule trails for customers that are late or no shows, please see our terms and conditions and policies for further information. 

What if it's raining or bad weather?

We ride in all weather as long as it's not a safety concern, a bit of water never hurt anyone, however we do live on the safer side of caution and we may need to postpone if weather is a danger to the safety of clients and staff.

What if someone in my party is nervous? 

We understand riding a big 600kg animal can be scary, we are here to support you, take our time, we will teach you all you need to know and accompany you along the ride to help give you support. 

On our one hour trails we can even walk on foot next to you to help you or lead you if you feel you need us to.

A full safety briefing will be given before you ride so you have the information you need, our knowledgeable guides will also remind you and give instructions along the ride. 

If you are very nervous and not sure you will be able to even get up on a horse but you want to try face your fears, give us a call to discuss how we might be able to assist you, we offer private trails and lessons which can be one on one and give you all the time and support you need.

Will there be other people on the trail with me? 

Yes, there may be other people not from your group booked in on the same trail as you, we do keep our groups as small as possible but please be aware we may join trails together, for example a couple book in and another person on their own books in, we may join them together and have three people go on the same trail. If you are wanting to ecure a private trail, you can call us to discuss and we can accommodate private bookings. 

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