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School Holiday Programmes

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School Holiday Programmes

Our philosophy here at MBHT is based upon natural horsemanship and building bonds with our equine friends! 

We are passionate about all things horse health, including grooming, barefoot trimming, massage and stretches as well as supporting our horses mentally by changing their routines and providing them with variety in their lives.

The MBHT School Holiday Programme aims to teach kids safety in all things horses while having fun doing so.

We want our students to go home with some new skills, the chance of taking in the therapeutic atmosphere we all know horses can offer, and of course, lots and lots of riding opportunities.  

Cost $499pp 

So what’s included? 

  • 3 full days of learning, grooming, playing games and riding while working with horses. 

  • Outing to Muriwai beach (weather considered) where we will ride on the beach, through the forest and even swim during the summer time with the horses. 

  • Kids will also take part in fun farm activities, interact with other farm animals such as calves and friendly goats. 

  • Personalised MBHT souvenirs can be purchased at an extra cost

  • Photos and videos to take home with you

*Children’s lunch and snacks are NOT provided by us, all kids need to bring a packed lunch with them.

How do we keep your kids safe?

  • MBHT is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all its customers, big and small.

  • We have highly trained, mature staff and strong Health and Safety practices to ensure we operate safely.

  • Staff trained in first aid on site and part of the programme at all times. 

  • All kids are required to wear helmets while working around and riding horses, we supply these. 

  • We will supply sunblock if needed but you’re welcome to bring your own, and we have water stations for children to fill up their water bottles.

  • MBHT has a ratio of 1-2 guides per 3-4 children depending on the activity. 

  • No children will be riding or around horses unsupervised at any time.

  • All parents and guardians will be required to sign our standard waiver form before their child attends our facility.

  • Our horses are all very well trained and well behaved, we ensure that our horses are suitable candidates for working with small children.

  • At the beginning of our day camp, each day we sit down and go through all the rules we have in place with the kids and we give them reminders all throughout the day.

To ensure we have small groups and not all kids riding all at the same time, we split the kids into small groups and take turns riding horses and playing other games etc.

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