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Horses Helping Humans Auckland

Horses Helping Humans" is an Equine assisted learning programme developed out of Australia by Sue Spence.

“Horses Helping Humans” is one of the most powerful Equine Assisted Learning Training Programs and a Certified Trademark, creating positive life-changing outcomes for participants.

"Horse Helping Humans Auckland is a licensee of this programme and brings the programme to the wider Auckland region.

Saara Soar (Lead Facilitator) and Lucie Jecna (Head Assistant) run this programme from the MBHT HQ facility using some of the star MBHT horses.

This programme uses a trauma-informed approach to teach body awareness by pairing clients with a facilitator and a horse. Interacting with the horse, people learn how to adjust their body language and breathing to regulate their emotions, improving their assertive communication skills and self-confidence.