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Horsemanship & Training

In the world of horses there are many areas to explore, many disciplines to exercise and many ideas to learn.We believe horsemanship is like the path of life.… The path to horsemanship isn’t just one way, there are many ways you can go down, and they all lead somewhere a little different but are all based on the love for horses.At MBHT an important and large part of our business is training and working with horses, we make a plan each year to spend time training horses and also ourselves.The...

March 17, 2023

Horse Health

Here at MBHT we strive to exceed the needs of our horses’ health ensuring each horse is cared for on an individual needs basis, some horses require extra feed, some extra cuddles, and some need a bit more training and time to make sure they are happy, confident and safe for our customers.Horses are an expensive business that’s for sure! With many costs and lots of time involved to ensure the best practices in horse care are available to our herd should they need them at any time, we are comm...

March 17, 2023

Our History

Muriwai Beach Horse Treks has been in operation since 2013 and quickly became one of Auckland’s most popular spots to ride horses.Muriwai Beach Horse Treks has been rated by The New Zealand Herald as one of the Top Five best horse treks. We have treks to suit all abilities from beginners to experienced people, with horses and ponies to match each rider’s level.We cater for many group sizes from small intimate ones to large corporate functions, team building etc. We provide NZ Safety approved...

March 17, 2023

Our Passion

People have sought out relationships with horses since the beginning of time. Like people, horses are social beings whose herd dynamics are remarkably similar to the family system.Here at MBHT we aim to bring the world of horses and people together in many ways,“We are so much more than just a horse trekking facility”We aim to provide many opportunities in our business, from trekking, trail riding, lessons, horsemanship, equine therapy, groundwork, school holiday programmes and even some fil...

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